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Lightning Migration


Salesforce Implementation


Salesforce Implementation


Sales Cloud and Marketing Implementation


Lightning Migration

As their company grew, they began featuring more product offerings. With these additional complexities, they needed a way to consolidate their data and gain insight into their performance.


Trained and onboarded new Salesforce users while helping Yotpo grow from 30 to over 200 employees

Integrated Conga and Docusign to streamline e-Signature processes

Moved into a multi-currency organization

Used automated pricing models to manage different pricebooks and packages

Developed and maintained the full sales process from lead creation to closing opportunities

Neta Moreno

Director of Business Applications

As a young startup, UPTOP had much to do and not a lot of time to do it. They needed to find the best way to manage their sales and marketing, and were looking for a partner that will guide them through it. UPTOP knew that they needed to build it right, from the beginning.


Analyzed Business processes, proposed solutions and fully implemented these in Salesforce

Integrated Azure/SQL Database to Salesforce

Implemented Pardot via Form Handlers

Two-way sync between Salesforce and Pardot with Salesforce Connector

Form Integrations with third party – using WP Ninja Forms

Trained key users on Salesforce

Many of their processes were manual, which was fine in the beginning, but as they began to grow, they started accumulating more and more orders. They needed a system in place to keep their customer service from slipping.


Developed an order processing module on the Force.com platform

Developed an integration with E-commerce site (Magento)

Built integrations with manufacturers and delivery companies

Built a partner community for delivery companies

Automated the payment processing and integrated with authorize.net

Automated fraud checks by integrating with SiftScience an WhiteGlove

Built an EDI integration using Heruko

Provided training and support to all employees

Implemented Service Cloud for customer care departments

Built reports and dashboards to aggregate company KPIs

Over time, their Salesforce layouts needed to be redesigned to reflect current processes and procedures. Data entry for lead management and opportunity creation had become time consuming and inefficient. They needed a way to streamline their processes.


Implemented and managed to full migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Cleaned data by archiving and removing redundancies

Improved Salesforce user adoption firmwide

Provided training and support to all employees

Their global sales team worked in silos without a common platform to manage and view sales performance. They had tried to integrate Salesforce a couple of times without involving an outside partner, but they struggled with adoption and data quality.


Implemented and managed a full migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Increase user adoption by 40% in less than 3 months

Provided support and training to users for all aspects related to Salesforce

Service Cloud enhancements – SLAs, Milestones, KPI reporting

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